Room Service, Reimagined

Scan, Order & Enjoy

Scan, Order & Enjoy

Scan, Order & Enjoy


Front Desk Overload

Phone orders, especially simultaneous ones, can overwhelm the front desk during peak hours.

Frustrating Wait Times

Guests are frustrated when they experience long holds or even unanswered calls.

Language Barriers & Miscommunication

Language barriers between staff and guests often result in problematic misunderstandings.

Troublesome & Costly Updates

It's costly and time-consuming to update, print and re-distribute room menus.

Cleanliness Concerns

In a post-pandemic world, guests increasingly prefer touchless options to reduce contact.


It's a hassle for guests to find the menu and explain what they want to order over the phone.


Easy Order Management

Handle multiple orders with ease to reduce staff pressure and improve overall service speed.

Engaging Visuals

Offer guests a clear and engaging way to see the appearance of dishes, helping them make visually appealing choices and reducing disappointment.

Multilingual Ordering Interface

Provide multilingual ordering for a better experience and clear understanding.

Real-time Menu Management

Enjoy instant menu updates via a user-friendly interface, saving time and printing costs.

Contactless Ordering

Guests order from their own phones for a cleaner, safer dining environment.

Streamlined Ordering

Enhance order efficiency for faster turnover and increased revenue.

Make Ordering Easy

Make Ordering Easy

Make Ordering Easy